Techno-economic Feasibility Studies

Techno-economic feasibility studies for green field projects is one of the strengths of the company. The study includes market survey, site selection, preparation of master plan, conceptual design, preparation of layout, estimates of capital costs and financial analysis.

Detailed Design Engineering

After process is selected, the following Detailed Design Engineering services may be provided as required:

Civil & Structural – includes detail design and drawing for steel/ concrete Structures, underground and over head tanks, storage silos etc.

Mechanical & Piping – includes detail specification of all brought out equipments, detail design and drawing for all fabricated equipments as well as mechanical & piping layouts.

Electrical and Instrumentation- includes specification of all electrical equipment and instruments to be bought out, preparation of electrical SLD’s cable routing and control riser diagrams, interlocking schedules, as well as data-sheet for pneumatic and electronic instruments.

Architecture and Planning

At MAEPL, Architecture and Planning is practiced as an art- responsive to the needs and aspirations of our clients, to the nature of materials and the technical requirements of construction process, to the socio-economic framework within which all institutions perform.

  The definition and understanding of project objectives and parameters are the two pillars of our design process.

  Right from the kick off meeting, our method of creative design is synergistic, involving team members from the different disciplines through innovative response. Alternate schematic design followed by review meeting with clients. Out of these brainstorming sessions, the distinct solutions to design problems take its own shape.

  It is a commitment of each member of our design team from inception to completion to maintain the highest level of Technical quality.

Project Management Services

After initiation of a contract, a key executive in the organization is assigned as the Project Manager, whose prime duty is to ensure that all aspects of the project are carried out within the agreed technical and commercial parameters in the scheduled time and budget. Effective Project Management comprises the following main activities:

  Project Planning and Monitoring- The progress of each project is closely monitored and the activity schedules of each responsible department is regularly updated to ensure timely completion of the project.

  Cost Estimate and Control- preparation of Bill of Quantities, rate analysis etc.


CAD Service Capability

Our design office is well equipped with computers and Software to take care of various complex engineering problems. Analysis of Structures ate carried out with latest version of Stad Pro. Drafting are carried out with the latest version of AUTOACAD to keep pace with advancing technology.The same task force is maintained for the duration of any project to ensure maximum level of coordination, work quality and service for client.